Who is Matt Shuford?

Matt Shuford is an advertising agency copywriter for hire. He creates for clients in the restaurant, sports and consumer product industries.

I really dig what I do.

Seriously. Not everyone can say that, and that’s a damn shame. But me, I love this stuff. I love advertising.

I approach creative like I approach life—with an open mind and gushing soul. Because if you can’t feel the work, then why bother? I’m an idealist, forever optimist and a fierce, fierce competitor. Professionally, that’s helped me earn some success. Physically it’s led to, like, seven torn hamstrings.

I’ve won up to $100 million pitches while slugging it out with some of the top agencies in the world, working on household name clients you probably know. I’ve tackled video, content, radio, social and even new tech. But above all that, I’m a persistent sponge. That’s because the student inside me didn’t stay back at school. Instead, he tagged along for the ride, reminding me of everything I don’t know just before I think I do. So yeah, I know what I know and I don’t what I don’t. That’s why I study the ad game as hard as I play it—preparing for whatever challenge, trend and big idea comes next.

I dig other things outside of work too, thankfully. I stay active with two pups, am always planning a “next big trip,” and I have a little love/hate relationship with my Playstation. I love to learn new things, like how to create this website of mine from scratch (seriously, no template here). Oh, and I sleepwalk. A lot. If anything, you should really let me tell you a story of that midnight madness sometime.

Here’s to chatting soon. Maybe, hopefully. Pretty please?

Meet Deanna.

She’s what out of my league looks like.

For some reason she sticks around.

Hope you get to meet her soon.

Fan of the work? I like you already.

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