Building a Sheetz GIF Library

One day, 100 GIFs. That’s what resulted from a half-day shoot in this plus-up project for Sheetz.

In order to keep the brand in-hand and top-of-mind, my partner and I sold the client on creating 100 unique GIFs that Sheetz fans could use every day. These GIFs showcase a quirky grandma to express a whole lot of fun. From sassy expressions to exploding heads and karate kicks, we captured and edited them all.

With a GIPHY page in the works, these GIFs will soon be available to all 1.3 million Facebook fans, 500,000 Twitter followers and everyone else with GIPHY keyboards on their devices.


CD: Rudy Banny

AD: Dustin Dodd

Sweepstakes TV

Oh, and we shot a TV spot during this time. Here, we helped add a little more fun to the typically-lame sweepstakes commercial formula.


CD: Rudy Banny

AD: Dustin Dodd

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