Greenville Drive Baseball OOH Stunt

When done well, I still really dig outdoor boards. And this misdirect concept for the Greenville Drive baseball team was our attempt at doing just that.

In preparation of the Drive’s upcoming season, we constructed a billboard for a fake product, Extenda-Fit Life Extender. We even built a website for it, creating some chatter in the community. Then nights before the season opener, we had the team mascot vandalize the board to reveal our real message focused on promoting opening night. Check out the video to see our midnight vandal in action.

Greenville Drive Social Video

With the season in full swing, we continued to highlight the Drive’s mascot with these simple social videos. Each showed a little behind-the-scenes look at how the mascot, Reedy Rip’It, prepared for upcoming Greenville Drive games.

Dog Days

Pro bono for Greenville, SC shelters

Helping pups shouldn’t be a guilt-inspiring affair. This oddball poster series helped raise money, food, and supplies for shelters throughout the Greenville, SC area. And it helped this writer discover his canine side.

ECD: Craig Melciano

AD: Caitlyn Ingoldsby


Kill Cliff is a clean energy drink made for and created by badasses (talking former Navy SEALS here). So it’s safe to say there was some pressure on creating the perfect line and poster for them for when they appeared in Miami Beach for the annual Wodapalooza—that’s CrossFit jargon for a ton of fit peeps getting together to lift a ton of weight.


ACD/AD: RG Lacandola

Woo-ing Zooey Deschanel

What does an up-and-coming artist sound like while woo-ing his one true love? Glad you asked. Meet Jaron Strom. He’s shamelessly head over heels for actress Zooey Deschanel.

I shot, edited and color-corrected this video one afternoon at Jaron’s request. His hope was to increase his social presence, while already killing the music scene in Charlotte, NC. Plus it just seemed fun. Shot with my Canon T3i and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Sip & Swap Event

Hosted by EP + Co.

Can you write valley girl? I can. Sorta.

This poster series helped build excitement around an event fashion lovers were sure to enjoy. Erwin Penland hosted an event where people could donate clothes, shoes and everything else they cared to part with, and then invited others to choose from their donations. For free. When the event ended, all leftover pieces were donated to local Safe Harbor shelters.

Some came for the shoes. (Actually, a ton came for the shoes.) Some for the free wine. But hundreds of donated pieces later, it was nothing short of a success.


ECD: Craig Melchiano

AD: Caitlyn Ingoldsby

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